Mutant – Mayhem

Mutant – Mayhem

Mayhem Since the discovery of their existence, MUTANTs have dominated gyms across the planet and become a new species of humanity. But that dominance hasn't come without some setbacks. Their daily battle with the iron is a long one, so long that some days it feels like the iron is winning. Sensing this, our lab professors have developed a new serum that will inject the MUTANTs with new-found intensity and energy that will push them beyond all previous limits. What is created is new MUTANT MAYHEM, a Super Concentrated Pre-Workout Serum that was formulated to take your workouts outside the realm of humanity and into the freak zone! New MUTANT MAYHEM was created with the most powerful energy stimulants and muscle building ingredients known to bodybuilding. Formulated to give you insane energy and intense pumps, MAYHEM is what you'll unchain in the gym after just one super concentrated dose. Just one serving is guaranteed to turn your battle with the iron into a scene from an insane asylum! Mutant Mayhem benefits: Increase energy and mental focus for your workouts Train harder and longer with sustained intensity Build muscle and force muscle pumps Feel instant results — potent formula that works fast! Size: 1.6lb Flavours: Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch and Green Apple


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