Nutrex-Lipo-6 Rx

Nutrex-Lipo-6 Rx

Lipo-6 Rx
LIPO-6 Rx sets a new standard in the weight management category: It is a CLINICALLY DOSED fat burner. With a combination of seven different compounds at full effective (clinical) doses, LIPO-6 Rx supports maximum fat-burning, appetite control, energy and focus. LIPO-6 Rx is a complete all-in-one fat burner that offers unreal results and many weight management supporting benefits. Its powerful profile of fully disclosed ingredients gives you more of what you want: stronger thermogenic response, noticeable appetite suppression along with longer lasting energy and increased mental clarity. Experience the difference of CLINICALLY DOSED LIPO-6 Rx and take your weight loss efforts to a new level.
Note: Due to the potency of this formula we advise that you do not exceed the recommended dose.
Size: 60 Caps


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