The pre-workout category has evolved more times over the years probably more so than any other major category in sports supplements. “Evolved” may be the wrong word actually depending on who you ask. By that I mean, is your main goal to get “stimmed” out of your mind, or is vasodilation, pump and performance of primary importance. One thing is for certain, whether you fall into either category, 99% of people still appreciate the pump, whether it is top on your priority list, or a close second to stimulant and energy profile. Enter N-VEIN… With the launch of N-VEIN, we wanted to offer the “missing puzzle piece” so to speak to the pre-workout, and even intra workout category. If your pre-workout of choice is heavy stimulant, chances are that it leaves something to be expected from the pump and performance standpoint. If your pre-workout already delivers a good performance and pump profile, I don’t think anyone would complain about having that much more of a pump and endurance either. And lastly, if you want to crank up your typical BCAA intra workout cocktail, just add a scoop of N-VEIN. Now let’s dive into the ingredient profile consisting of four major areas: Nitratene, HydroMax, cluster dextrin (highly branched cyclic dextrin) and an electrolyte blend.
  • Pre-workout pump enhancer
  • Simply add to any pre-workout or sports drink and make your pump extreme
  • Stimulant free and unflavoured
  • For the ultimate muscle pump and vascularity
Size: 318g
Flavour: Unflavoured


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